Dicam triggers alarm systems, records data, runs equipment

Barn Report software displays your ventilation data, helps you spot trouble, save money

"Monitor Only" system piggy-backs on existing facilities

Computer users check building's environment during bad weather

Save $ by gradually dimming creep lamps through Dicam

Feed Auger Run Time used to schedule feed deliveries

Dicam's Component-based network cheaper, more flexible


"Monitor Only" system piggy-backs on existing facilities

When Dicam networks came into existence, they were placed in new construction facilities.  But recently we've developed a product that we call "Monitor Only" that can piggy-back on existing facilities.

Monitor Only systems are different because you keep your investment in your existing control equipment, while adding the data gathering capabilities of a Dicam network.  Your employees don't need to learn how to use a new controller AND they will get the benefit of having data to use to manage the environment.

Typical Monitor Only systems include a few temperature sensors in each room, and 1 or more water meters throughout the facility, as well as Mains Detect devices (used to detect power supplied to a device) placed on feed auger motors or heaters, etc.

Monitor Only systems are less expensive than our "Integrated Package" because the network requires fewer components.  This makes Monitor Only systems an attractive choice when you are looking in to upgrading your management capabilities.



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