Dicam triggers alarm systems, records data, runs equipment

Barn Report software displays your ventilation data, helps you spot trouble, save money

"Monitor Only" system piggy-backs on existing facilities

Computer users check building's environment during bad weather

Save $ by gradually dimming creep lamps through Dicam

Feed Auger Run Time used to schedule feed deliveries

Dicam's Component-based network cheaper, more flexible


Save $ by gradually dimming creep lamps through Dicam

Very few hog houses have the ability to dim creep lamps, they're either on (full power) or off.  Does that make much sense?  There are always going to be times when the room temperature is in transition and the creep lamps can be gradually dimmed.

Dimmer switches are perhaps the most obvious solution. However, dimmer switches accomplish their task by diverting electricity away from the device it controls (i.e. light bulb) while full power is still applied through the circuit.  Resulting in a 'full price' utility bill.

Dicam has another answer.  One of the components of a Dicam network is called a "Triac".  It's a fancy dimmer switch with a major difference, it saves you money by using less electricity!  Triacs are essentially VERY fast on/off switches.  They can turn the power on and off in milliseconds.  The speed of this on/off switch results in a dimmed light bulb and reduced electricity bill.

Just one more reason to use Dicam!



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