Dicam triggers alarm systems, records data, runs equipment

Barn Report software displays your ventilation data, helps you spot trouble, save money

"Monitor Only" system piggy-backs on existing facilities

Computer users check building's environment during bad weather

Save $ by gradually dimming creep lamps through Dicam

Feed Auger Run Time used to schedule feed deliveries

Dicam's Component-based network cheaper, more flexible


Barn Report software displays your ventilation data, helps you spot trouble, save money

You can't manage what you don't measure.  Imagine trying to drive the speed limit without a speedometer.  You might think your driving at the correct speed, but are you, or aren't you?

Barn Report software is Dicam's speedometer.  This program will display your environmental data in a graphical format that allows you to visually identify problems.  The software is free from our web site at www.dicamusa.com, and once you sign up for the service, for a small monthly fee, you can download your data from the Internet through any Internet connection.

The software will help you spot trends or problems that can have a huge impact to your bottom line.  What if you have a water leak?  Leaks can fill your lagoon prematurely and cost you money when it comes time to pump.  You might also discover that your heaters are running non-stop, while your fans are running above minimum vent.  You'd be blowing money right out the fan!  You might also spot that augers do not always deliver feed, or the water has been turned off?  Both costly to production. 

These things happen more often than we care to think about, but when managing production, you need to know when they occur.  Having the Dicam system in place and utilizing Barn Report will help you improve your bottom line!



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