Dicam triggers alarm systems, records data, runs equipment

Barn Report software displays your ventilation data, helps you spot trouble, save money

"Monitor Only" system piggy-backs on existing facilities

Computer users check building's environment during bad weather

Save $ by gradually dimming creep lamps through Dicam

Feed Auger Run Time used to schedule feed deliveries

Dicam's Component-based network cheaper, more flexible


Dicam triggers alarm systems, records data, runs equipment

Perhaps the biggest difference between Dicam control systems and it's competition is the number of features it has.  Of course it can run equipment, such as fans and curtains.  That much is to be expected.  But it's the other things that set Dicam apart!

When you buy Dicam, you get a control system AND an alarm system!  Dicam networks can be used to trigger your alarms for you.  When hooked up to a "Dialer" device, it calls a list of phone numbers you've provided to warn you of the alarm condition. 

Dicam systems are even one step better even than that.  Dicam networks record data as well.  All day, every day, all year long.  You might find out that your pigs went a day or two without feed, or that the water has been turned off, or that their is a water leak, or that it is too cold at night, or that your heaters run too much.  Imagine the economic repercussions of any of these events.  All of these things are common occurences that people didn't always see until they started using Dicam! 

Be sure you consider these added features when you are looking into buying equipment!



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