Friends of Dicam

Heartland Builders

     A respected construction company that has lots of experience installing Dicam controllers

BEI Ag Environmental Solutions

     BEI provides the best innovative environmental solutions through a synergistic team intent on achieving personal, social, and organizational growth within the rural community.

Bottom Line Solutions

    Real time monitoring and accountability. You can't be everywhere at once. That's why GuardianACTION is the best solution for your system monitoring needs. Our state-of-the-art customized technology, not only monitors your systems, but immediately alerts your managers if something goes wrong, saving you both time and money. Whether its your farm or warehouse, your vacation home or office, we'll keep your systems in check.

Ralph's Packing Co.

Ralph’s Packing Co. is a complete butchering and proccessing meat packing company, serving, wholesale, retail and custom customers. We are inspected by the State of Oklahoma Department of Agriculture.

L. B. White

Smart Sense Heating System Smart Sense is a technologically-advanced swine facility heating solution. This innovative heating technology eliminates the inefficiency of conventional on/off heaters that require manual adjustments and always run at 100% Btu ouput. In comparison, Smart Sense heaters are automatically managed through the facility control or L.B. White SmartBox control and operate at firing rates as low as 25% of maximum Btu output.




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