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     Dicam controls are distributed in the USA exclusively by BRH Inc, a Nebraska corporation. BRH has been in business since January 1997 and is managed by Randy Hothan - a Milford Campus graduate of Nebraskan farming stock.

     BRH has supplied Dicam controls to swine producers across the States for 5 years and Dicam now regulates the environment for 100,000 sows and 250,000 growing pigs.

     Following the period of poor economics in the industry, the stage is now set for a rapid expansion of Dicam and Barn Report use in the sector.

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     Dicam controls offer complete flexibility at an affordable price.  Reliable hardware - the same for every job - backed up by knowledgeable and friendly technical support.  No matter who calls, we'll do our best to help.

     Whatever the requirement, dicam controls can be tailored to your needs.  If you have to change things later - no probem, a simple chip swap will let you adjust the spec or add new features.

     Whatever the system, whatever there is to control, whatever you need to get done - Dicam can do it.


     Dicam services are provided in North America through BRH Inc. and in Europe through Farmex Ltd.

     Services include Barn Report Download service and our Look & Tell service.

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Dicam products are distributed in the United States by BRH Inc., v.2013.11.11

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