Dicam Components Catalog

Part # 7911
Wind Speed & Direction Meters

FSS3-B (Pcb Only)
Part # FSS3-BPCB
Service Kit part for Triac Modules, should not be purchased separately, should sell with Triac. Part #FSS3-SK

Anemometer (New)
Part # 6415
Anemometer, Sonic

FSS3-B (Triac Only)
Part # FSS3-BT

Anemometer Conversion Plug
Part # ANM-CP
Plug Adapter for Anemometer (WSDM1)

FSS3-B Triac and Heat Sink Only
Part # FSS3-BTHS
Triac with Heat Sink Only - FSS3 PCB Sold Separately

Application Board 3.1
Part # APPS3.1
Application Board for Control Unit

Part # Nut

Part # NP112
Used to keep controllers awake during power outage and to report alarm condition. 12v DC 1.2ah

Power Supply D
Part # PSU-D
24vac input power supply 2amp output

Contactor 110vac (PCB Only)
Part # CTR1-PCB
Contactor PCB only

Propane sensor cable
Part # cable
propane monitor connection cable

Contactor Module 120Vac
Part # CTR1
Used to control any on/off device

Rain Gauge with mounting base
Part # 06466
Rain collector with mounting base

Dialer Interface Module
Part # MAG1
Connects to Dialers

Part # SD1
Small and useful for those tight places

Dicam Contoller Door Hinge (Bottom)
Part # Dicam-DHB
Replacement Door Hinge for the Dicam Controller - Bottom hinge Only.

Part # SM107
Emits up to 32 different noise signals, can be hooked up to alarm system

Dicam Controller (Box Only - Empty)
Part # Dicam Box
Replacement box for controller

Surge Protector Data Line BB
Part # SP601A
Data line surge protector for Dicam network wire Product Number - SP601A Serial Number - 0202-2628

Dicam Controller Door Hinge (Top)
Part # Dicam-DHT
Replacement hinge for the Dicam Controller - Top hinge only.

Switch Card
Part # SW1
Knob and Button Card used to navigate through Dicam Control program.

Dual External Sensor
Part # TS44-0
Dual external sensor

Temperature Sensor (9 ft, w/o Armor)
Part # TS4-0-3
9 foot temperature sensor



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