Barn Report 
 2 Ventilation Failure Incidents 
 Assessment of Supplementary Heat 
 Automatically Controlled, Naturally Ventilated (ACNV) Building Temperature Differences 
 Automatically Controlled, Naturally Ventilated (ACNV) Pig Building 
 Case Study : Ventilation Accident in a Pig Finishing Building 
 Comparing Method of Heater Control 
 Creep Lamp Control 
 Drinker Leakage Cost 
 Effect of high temperatures on water intake 
 Excessive Auger Runs 
 Factors effecting Actual Temperatures and Fan Power Requirement 
 Farrowing Heat Correlation 
 Feed and water intake in three successive batches of pigs in a single room of a nursery 
 Feed and Water Shortage 
 Feed Changes and Effect on Water Intake 
 Feed Control and Alarm Case Study 
 Feed Intake Inhibition due to high temperatures 
 Feed Outage at Lewis Site (R2) 
 Gas Use on US Breeding Unit : Case Study 
 Gas Use Regression: A Simplified Model 
 Limitations to Performance in Pig Production 
 Loss of Feed Intake : Hidden Cost 
 Loss of Growth and Cost Estimation Method 
 Maxing Out : a Water Supply Case Study 
 MMR Analysis Exercise 
 Pig Production Delays 
 Pig Production Delays. 
 Water Intake 
 Water intake natural light 
 Water Leakage Approximation 
 Water Leakage: Baseline Shift Example 
 Water Max Min and Ratio [WMMR] 
 Water Max Min Regression 
 Water Min Max and MMR 
 Water Shortage Incident 
 Water Supply Case Study 
 Water Use & Leakage at Sample Site 24 th Feb to 25 th June 2001 
 Water Zero Level : Special Cases 
 Wind Power Polar Diagram 
 WMMR Examples 



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